Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ikea emojis

Ever since I embraced the benefits of a smart phone a few years ago, I've been a fan of emojis. Who wants to type the word coffee when you can simply send an icon? You can use the faces to convey all kinds of emotional states, send whether reports, the balloon is always popular on birthdays and as I have a 18 month-old the smiling poo is also a favourite.

So when I heard IKEA had recently launched their own series of emojis I was quite excited. As a devotee from way back, I've got lots of IKEA furniture including the much loved Poang below and a trip to my nearest IKEA (an hour and half away) has always been a highly anticipated expedition, which always includes an obligatory coffee and cinnamon bun and a take home pack of Swedish Meatballs.

The inspiration behind the IKEA emoticons is to apparently reduce misunderstandings between men and women in the home and help communicate your desires and hints. As there are several domestic related emojis such as a broom, bin, tools, vacuum cleaner and toilet - it seems the idea is to suggest what jobs may need attending to in particular areas of the house. According to Ikea, " It's simply impossible to feel offended if you tell some one to clean up if you say it with IKEA Emoticons." And with emojis of several iconic IKEA products, including the meatballs, it's never been easier to text your shopping list through to friends.

To download the app for your iPhone head here and for Android head here.  Enjoy