Wednesday, 30 July 2014

orla for all ages.

As I may have mentioned before I am a HUGE fan of Orla Kiely, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered she has just released a range of bed linen, towels and cushions for kids. Now little people can enjoy Orla's bold graphic prints as well, with the around the world collection, bird watch, multi-stem dandelion and car collection. As Toot Toot Beep Beep is a favourite book in our house, I think my little man would love the car quilt - I will just have to wait until he upgrades to a bigger bed - it might be awhile. Perhaps by then though the collection will be stocked in Australia. For now though, you'll need to order through the Orla Kiely site here.

For bigger people there is also something new - the square flower collection and the sweet pea collection below. I love both....................straight to top of the Christmas wishlist!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

top four - super sofas.

I recently had the pleasure of compiling a selection of dream sofas for a feature in Home Beautiful - which is in the current August edition. As I am on the hunt for a new sofa myself, I fell in love with a lot! However, with not a lot of floor space to play with, I've find it tricky to to find something which is has just the right proportions. If space and price, weren't an issue, I'd happily take home any/all of the sofas below. The Mabel however,despite being super cute, is comparable in $ to a small car. At the other end of the spectrum the Soderhamn is budget friendly, yet after sitting and pondering in it at Ikea during the week (and getting the tape measure out), I discovered it's just too big for my spot. The search continues......

1. Jazz Sofa Oz Design
2. Mabel sofa by DonnaWilson Hub Furniture
3. Archie sofa Jardan
4. Soderhamn Ikea

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

too funny.

I just had to share this - quite possibly the cutest and funniest advert I've ever seen!
In case you can't read the text it says -

" Time spent away from your favourite friend can seem endless. That is why we created smartdrive technology, a clever way to get a wash down to just 15 minutes. 
Sadly that's still about a week in dog minutes."

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

winter hiatus.

Ooops, where did June go? I haven't been hibernating during winter, I've just been super busy and sometimes this poor blog doesn't receive too many updates when there's a lot to juggle. Admittedly when I do have a bit of spare time, I'm usually outside as the winter weather has just been amazing here. Although the ocean is far too chilly to take a swim, the water looks incredible in winter - so beautifully crystal clear and aquamarine, I've been a little obsessed taking photos of it daily.

So to ease back into things today I thought I'd share a few of my favourite recent pics - you can see a few more via instagram here