Wednesday, 16 April 2014

top four - planters.

I think I've raved before about my love of plants indoors and of course in the garden. My favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning is head to the markets and splurge on a few plants, then spend the rest of the weekend working out where I can put them. 

Although I mostly buy plants for the garden (and therefore spend a lot of time digging holes), I've never thought of indoor plants as daggy, as I feel most rooms in the house benefit from a plant, or at least some greenery to give it life. I am a little obsessed and am very partial to dracenas and succulents indoors so, with this in mind I thought I would round up a few planters which have taken my fancy lately. Very tough! In refining my top four, I decided to go for colourful, smaller table top planters. I hope you like them too!

1. Ombre planters  Sown Sow

2. Ceramic bright pots The Small Garden

3. Diamond Planters  Love Hate

4. Mint Bamboo Basket  The Family Love Tree