Monday, 10 March 2014

profile Anannasa - yen sher lo.

yen sher lo of Anannasa
Vibrant and vivacious are not words I often use to describe someone, but they are very fitting for today's profile on Yen Sher Lo of fashion label Anannasa. I first had the pleasure of meeting Sher last year at her home and was instantly swept into her creative and colourful mix of global styles. I was literally overawed and felt as if I'd traveled to another far more exotic part of the world - a long way from the Brisbane suburb I was in. Just like her home, Sher is full of energy, puts you instantly at ease and one of those people you can just chat to all day long. With a background in fashion overseas, last year Sher launched her new label Anannanas, which features kaftans, layered necklaces and beautiful billowy silk and cotton tops and pants. Sher's stunning home provided the perfect backdrop for the label's 2014 look book and for those who would love a further glimpse of Sher's home, you can read about it in the Autumn edition of Queensland Homes. A big thank you to Sher for sharing her home and creative insight.

How would you describe yourself:
Curious,  creative, Chinese, convivial and compassionate.

What was your childhood dream?
From a very young age, I was always drawing, sketching and making paper dolls wearing different outfits. It seemed inevitable that I would do anything else when I grow up! However, I did a commerce degree which had nothing to do with design but it gave me the opportunity to be fashion buyer for a department store chain in Singapore straight after my stint at Melbourne Uni.

What led you down your current path?
My professional life has always revolved around retail and merchandising from fashion to lifestyle products. However, since emigrating to Brisbane (from Hong Kong) 10 years ago, I gave up my career to raise the kids and to help with the family business. But there’s always been a yearning to do something more. During the middle of last year, with my husband’s encouragement I started my label for a bit of fun. Suddenly I found myself selling to 10 stores within a short period of time. I was so thrilled.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love fashion and I love being creative, so it is a very natural extension of who I am to do this.  A big bonus is I get to go to India again and again! I can also go shopping, read magazines, surf the net, visit places of interest and inspiration and call it work! Best of all, it is very exciting yet humbling to see my clothes being worn by my customers. 

Where do you feel most inspired?
I don’t think I have an answer to that!  Inspiration can appear anywhere and anytime! I love this quote from Grace Coddington (creative director of US Vogue) “never to fall asleep in the car because you might miss potentially inspiring views from the window”!!!

Who do you admire?
Tricia Guild is my style icon. Her intoxicating use of colours and prints in interiors transcends into fashion for me. I get a lift every time I see her work.

What challenges have you had to overcome?
My own insecurities, having second thoughts about starting out as an unknown, in a very competitive market. Other than that, I‘ve been incredibly lucky, it has been rather seamless to date, although I do foresee challenges ahead as the business grows.

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
There has been several. But the one that takes the cake is the day when Fashion Allied Agency, Brisbane wanted to represent me!  I went in to deliver a necklace and walked out with them behind me! 

 What are your top inspiring resources?
Fashion and interior magazines, Pinterest and Instagram, people watching and travelling.

Do you have a dream creative project?
I toy with the idea that one day, my four sisters and I can join forces and put our creative talents together! Maybe to run a small but stylish resort in Borneo? The staff will have to wear my kaftans as uniform!

What are you currently coveting in the world of design?
I was in Bangkok a few weeks ago and saw the latest Furla Bag.  I am very partial to it at the moment!!!

What's next?
Developing a second label called Chutnee, so named due to the number of times we ate that while in Rajesthan last month.

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read –  Fashion, interior, travel, food, lifestyle magazines…
Watch- Movies; I love movies, from Hollywood to Bollywood, I do not discriminate!
Cook -  Laksa, a family favourite.
Create - Laughter.
Listen to - FM 105.
Dream about - My next holiday possibly Morocco but maybe Bhutan.
Look forward to - Getting my convertible soon!