Tuesday, 18 February 2014

top four - teatowels.

Thanks to dishwashers and drying racks, these days there is no real need to own masses of purely functional tea towels, which is great as it means decorative tea towels can be enjoyed like a true work of art. 

Below are my current favourites, which I believe should be simply admired for their good looks rather than relegated to drying wet dishes.

As an aside, when our dishwasher recently broke down I realised how integral it is in our household and I how much I love and appreciate all the work it does! Thankfully it was back working again after two days and I didn't need to use any 'good' tea towels.

1. Aussie Love- Everingham & Watson 
2. Fest - The Minimalist
3. Velo - Ferm Living
4.Tulip 2 - Castle