Wednesday, 5 February 2014

top four + 2 - birthday wishlist.

As it is my birthday next week, I thought I'd compile a top 4 wishlist and added an extra 2 for good measure. Of course I don't need any of these things and I don't expect to actually receive any either (well maybe number 1...fingers crossed...) However, just like pouring over recipe books to pick your ultimate cake, half the fun of Birthdays is putting together a fanciful list of things you love. So, in no specific order here is what I'm currently coveting.

1. Unikko fabric - Marimekko 
As this year is the 50th anniversary of the classic Unikko print and I've always loved everything Marimekko does, I thought it is time I added a little bit of Marimekko into my life. 

2. Banksia by Nicola Cerini - Zaishu. 
Every since I first spotted a Zaishu stool years ago I have loved them and wanted one. They've been out of production, but they're back. This botanical inspired one by Nicola Cerini is my absolute favourite!
3. Sääpäiväkirja salad platter - Marimekko.
Much the same as number one, I feel Marimekko products and prints are absolute classics and you can never go wrong with them. I particularly love their weather range...more on this next week when I devote a few more posts to Marimekko.
4. Home - Orla Kiely.
If you've read my blog for a while, it should be no surprise that I am completely in love with everything Orla Kiely produces. For me no one else perfects colour combinations like Orla. As I am quite vocal in my obsession, I seem to have inspired a bit of a tradition amongst friends and family, who spoil me with something Orla Kiely each Birthday and Christmas. I am more than happy to keep this tradition going! Orla's new HOME book provides an insight into her own mid century modern abode and others which have inspired her prints and homewares collections.

5. The Trees - Belynda Henry.
I admire a lot of art I will never own, but simply appreciate from afar. For me it is the colour combinations and stylised lines of Belynda's work which I love and can imagine hanging on one of my walls. 

6. Still Point -  Kirra Jamison.
I have told myself, with a little experimentation I would be able to create one of these myself, however deep down I know any attempt at a replica would be far, far inferior and too embarrassingly bad to ever hang. Just like many things which are done really well, it looks like it could be easy to paint. But I know it's not. That is why I want it.