Wednesday, 29 January 2014

top four - chairs.

I think I have explained many times, I am a bit of a chair addict. I absolutely love them. They seem to fill every corner of my home, even though many simply serve a decorative purpose and are not fit to sit on.

So in the first of what I hope to be a regular series of top 4- where I round up my top four picks across the vast field of homewares, furniture and covetable things, I thought I would kick off with summery chairs. It was very tough to limit the selection to just four, but perhaps I can refine the chair theme a little further down the track and squeeze in a few more.

If I was to pick the number one from the bunch it would be the butterfly chair, I've always wanted one. Although they look a little similar to a humble camping chair, it's their simplicity which I love.

1.  Love Chair - The Family Love Tree.

2. Butterfly Chair - Angelucci

3. Jak Collection - Tait.

4. Bend Chair - West Elm.