Tuesday, 5 November 2013

profile knot another - susie & lara.

knot another crocheters susie and lara

As a cacti collector from way back, I was very excited when I came across the crocheted little pet cacti by Brisbane craft queens Susie and Lara of Knot Another. For some reason I've always felt cacti are a hardy plant with character, and they don't come cuter and more individual than Susie and Lara's crocheted creations, which for obvious reasons don't even need watering. Knot Another's crocheting curiosities extend to doilies, Christmas decorations, brooches and terrariums. If your keen to adopt a cute crochet creation you can snap up one from their etsy store and you can find them at one of my favourite local stores Lamington

How would you describe yourself?
Adventure chasing, determined and enthusiastic!    

What was your childhood dream?
Lara: To be a lawyer.
Susie: To be a farmer.

How did you get into crochet and what inspired you to launch Knot Another?
We learned to crochet on roller derby camp way back in 2010. It turns out that there is a limit on how many beanies and scarves your family needs, so we took the surplus to market and have never looked back.

What are the challenges inherent in crocheting cacti?
Aiming to make every cactus a little bit different, arm placement, making sure the dirt is suited to the pot, making sure that the cacti are upright and secure… We are always learning!

What do you love most about what you do?
When we’re at markets and people don’t expect to see a crocheted garden, they start smiling. We spread a little bit of happiness.

Is it a tricky skill to master?
We always tell new crocheters that the first 10 hours is the worst! Once you get your tensioning sorted, you’re on your way to successful crochet time.

Why is it your goal to crochet our way to Portland, Oregon, USA?
Our cactus are so hipster it hurts, we need to visit the hipsters and see them in their natural environment. Plus, we’ve heard that the ice cream is great!

Who do you admire on the craft/creative scene?
We’re very proud members of a Brisbane craft collective called Brisstyle. Because crafting can sometimes be so solitary, it is great being able to talk ideas over with other creatives. And the talent – phwoar!

What challenges have you had to overcome?
All these things that we put in our own way! We’ve had to honestly look at the amount of time that we put into our work and price accordingly. That was very hard for us!

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
When we heard that Leo Sayer adopted one of our cactus to give to a friend!

What are your top inspiring resources?
Traveling – we are both avid travellers – Susie loves the big cities and bright lights, Lara has a soft spot for wide open spaces.
And we love:
Do you have a dream creative project?
We have this plan for the Ekka 2014…

What are you currently coveting in the world of design?

What's next?
Many Christmas markets (hello Finders Keepers!) and the 2014 new product range. More homewares with a cute, contemporary and crochet edge!

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read – Way too many interior design books.
Watch - The trashier, the better.
Cook - So much slow cooking happens in our houses!
Create - Happiness
Listen to - Vampire Weekend.
Dream about - World domination.
Look forward to - The next adventure.