Monday, 28 October 2013

renovation inspiration.

Although I absolutely love my own home, I must admit in my line of work it is hard not to become enamored by all the beautiful homes I am fortunate enough to style and write about - and from time to time suffer a little bout of home envy. One recent home which particularly captured my fancy is the beautifully renovated Brisbane home of Tony and Arthur. 

Quite an ugly little duckling to begin with, over several years Tony and Arthur not only reinstated some of the tradition Queenslander's stunning original features, but also extended the home to accommodate a new kitchen and the all important big back deck!

Unlike in some renovated homes where it is easy to spot where the new additions have been added, the beauty of this renovation is the incredible seamlessness. It is impossible to pinpoint where the old section ends and new section begins. A considered mix of contemporary timeless finishes, paired with a restrained selection of pieces, the house feels fresh and modern, yet still imbued with a wonderful sense of history. Check out the entire house in the current November issue of Home Beautiful.