Tuesday, 15 October 2013

profile claire nakazawa - artist.



artist claire nakazawa
Today I have the pleasure of profiling another talented artist in my series of Australian artists whose work is showcased through online gallery Art Pharmacy. Claire Nakazawa is an artist, painter, muralist, and a performer. Producing vibrant, bold works on a range of mediums. Her latest geometric collection titled ‘Triangle between us’ is a collaborative project with her sister
Mie, which utilises hemp canvas as the backdrop upon which to layer colour and texture. You can checkout more of Claire's striking abstracts here.

How would you describe yourself?
Likely to paint and dance.

What was your childhood dream?
There would be not pollution or sexism when I grew up.
When I was a really young child I told my Japanese grandmother I was going to be an artist. I wanted to be a farmer then a vet, a comedian, an artist, soccer player or to work with horses.

What led you down your current path?
A sense of freedom to do whatever I choose. I guess it suited my nature, like ‘what else am I going to do?’ an interest, passion, enjoyment and the desire to paint.

What do you love most about what you do?
The freedom, playing with colour, shapes and paint and that the process of painting sometimes feels like another world to explore.

Where do feel most inspired?
Often when I’m in nature and traveling, when there is physical and mental space and I have lots of time.

Can you explain your approach/process in creating a piece?
Often I approach the canvas without a pre-conceived idea of what I’ll be doing, choosing the colours, imagery, strokes and style that I’m attracted to at that time. Lately I’ve been thinking about approaching my work in a more considered and planned way so we’ll see what happens next.

What do you hope people get out of your work?
I’m always very interested in people’s different responses to a work. Some works, for some people, evoke an emotion, can be visually attracting or remind them of an experience. Sometimes it depends on how the viewer chooses to engage with a piece. I don’t really mind what people get out of my work but I love it when they get something.

Who do you admire?
Ben Quilty, Roa, David Suzuki, Bjork…

What challenges have you had to overcome?
Deaths, breakups, hormones…

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
When I’ve performed on stage with Hermitude in front of thousands of people.

What are your top inspiring resource?
Music, free time, lately I’ve been a bit of an Instagram viewer - looking at other artist’s work, paint and blank canvas.

Do you have a dream creative project?
I’d love to do an awesome, huge mural with a bunch of other great artists.

What are you currently coveting in the world of design?
I have my eye on romance was born outfits, some of local designers Bogan Vogue’s stuff and a Berlin label Cneeon. 
What's next?
Applying for grants and art residencies, going to San Francisco and New York in October and starting a new body of work.

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read - Currently, ‘Zen Flesh, Zen Bones’.
Watch - At the moment, Breaking Bad & True Blood.
Cook – Yummy healthy food.
Create – Write, dance, draw and paint.
Listen to - Good music.
Dream about - Where I will go on my next art residency.
Look forward to - Spring.