Thursday, 1 August 2013

super softies.

In anticipation and celebration of several new mini people in our family, I got a little crafty with my mum recently and created a few softies. I was more of the off-sider watching, pinning, cutting, hand stitching and stuffing when required, whereas my mum who is a 'sewing master', thankfully did all the tricky bits.

After looking online for some softie inspiration and being overwhelmed by the 1000000s of incredible creations out there, (several hours were spent on pinterest alone) I decided to go with a few classics - a dinosaur + elephant and I couldn't resist creating a house pillow too.

To create the patterns we simply drew the creatures free hand - even my dad was called upon to lend his artistic hand in sketching the stegosaurus inspired dinosaur. After sporadic bouts of sewing over the years, I had largely everything I needed to make these guys. The good thing about softies is they require so little material you can virtually get away with using remnants and tiny scraps of fabric which you can't bare to throw out.
Keen fabric spotters may notice a few 'mid century modern' pieces of Amy Butler fabric, which I acquired several years ago when I was going through a big Amy Butler fad.

I must admit I am very chuffed with the all the softies we made and the process of creating them with my mum was lots of fun - far more enjoyable and satisfying than buying something.

Although it helps to have a machine (and a very clever mum) you can still create soft toys simply by hand stitching, it will just take a little longer.

A few essentials you'll need.
* Paper and pencil to draw your design.
* Pins, fabric, needle, cotton any embellishments you may want to use - ribbons, buttons, shirring.
* Stuffing + a knitting needle or chopstick to prod the stuffing into small legs and tails. 
* Vilesofix is also very handy. It is a double sided adhesive paper which allows you to simply iron on embellishments - such as the owl and windows we used for the house.

The next softie on the drawing board is this adorable penguin featured on the beautiful craft website Pearl Bee. If you think you are up to the challenge you can download the pattern here.

Requiring slightly more patience, skill and a more complicated pattern, Mum is going to tackle him solo.  Thank you MUM! 

Finally, if the thought of sewing, pins, needles and patterns etc is all too much. There is always paper and scissors. I couldn't resist making these chirpy fans after spying the template on Mr Printables. Who said you need to be a kid to do kids' craft!