Wednesday, 24 April 2013

plant holders.

I love having plants inside. I know some people think they're a bit daggy, but I always find rooms feel so much nicer and lived in with a bit of greenery. My favourite low maintenance variety is simply dracenas stems in a vase of water. They last forever and look after themselves. Terrariums are another great option, and I was particularly impressed with this beautiful one, from a recent house shoot.

As a plywood devotee + screen print devotee, I love Bonnie and Neil's plant holders which combine the best of both.

If you're pots aren't so nice, Lumiere Art + Co.'s "potato print" linen plant buckets are ideal. 


The natural look though, is ultimately my favourite. I don't often re-post photos from other blogs but I was so taken with these plant collections from Decor8 I couldn't resist. These shots make me want to race out immediately, and invest in blown glass holders, white wall hangers and white pottery vessels to house a trio of succulents. Love it!