Sunday, 7 April 2013

diy weekend project.

I recently moved my office to the end room of the house and as the room lacks storage space I needed instant shelving. A rainy weekend was the perfect excuse to spend some quality time in the garage so I enlisted my two favourite resources, several lengths of plywood and my trusty handyman Dean (who boasts a sizeable Makita bag full of tools).

The simple design was based roughly on the dimensions of my old ikea shelving, albeit with the shelf widths adjusted to simplify construction and allow larger objects to fit. I also think offset lengths look better.

I must admit I merely supervised the project, passing nails and the tape measure when required, however I am still very proud of the end result. I love the look of raw plywood and opted for 19mm thick board so it is super sturdy. It needs to be as I have got quite a few magazines. This is not the final arrangement for the shelf. I am sure it will be modified countless times before I am happy with it, but I was so excited to have a new piece of furniture I just gathered whatever was close to see it in action.

With a big white wall above the shelf I now need some artwork, and with a few left over ply off cuts I might get crafty - stay tuned...