Friday, 1 March 2013

super cute softies.

There is a LOT of cute kids toys out there - zillions. So in picking just 10 favourites to share I decided to set a few parameters in the selection process. As it is the first day of Autumn I decided to narrow the search to softies in autumny tones and hone in on a few of my favourite animals - penguins, foxes, whales, bats and owls - for some reason I think these animals make super cute toys. During my search I think I may have well and truly discovered the most adorable softie ever made - a big call I know but ... how could you not love a toy called 'Mr Foxes goes to Fargo.' - 'oh yah!' 


    1. Bager with vest                                   

Dwell Studio

     2. Fox Oki                                          

Udder - I profiled Udder's creator Fliss here

       3. Penguin trio                                   


      4. Owl Cushion                                     

Ferm Living

      5. Whale cushion                                   

Ferm Living

       6. The Village Cushion                            

Ferm Living

     7. Marionette cushion set                           

Ferm Living

     8. Miffy Jaune                                      

Bianca and Family
     9. Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp                     

Cocoon Living - Ruby also has her own books and blog

    1st Place CUTE AWARDS - Mr Fox goes to Fargo          

TBaby Gardner