Monday, 4 March 2013

profile terri lew - gallery 19karen.

19karen gallery owner terri lew and artist clare toms
19Karen is a space which nurtures emerging contemporary artists and provides an expansive space in which to showcase diverse talent. The brainchild of owner Terri Lew, the gallery exhibits solo and group shows every five weeks ensuring there is always something new and fresh to inspire visitors and tempt them to expand their own art collection. For Terri, it has been a wonderful way to share her love of contemporary art and enjoy and ever changing collection. For more details on the gallery checkout the upcoming schedule of exhibitions and shows here.

How would you describe yourself? 
Passionate, hard working, honest, dedicated and generous.

What was your childhood dream? 
To be a dancer or fashion designer.

What led you down your current path as a gallery owner? 
 I always wanted to own my own gallery or be involved with the arts. When I retired from my previous business, I met up with a young Arts worker and teamed up with her to open the gallery.

What do you love most about what you do? 
Nurturing artists and finding new and exciting talent.

Which style of art/mediums do you gravitate towards?  
Paintings, figurative, portraits, realism, surrealism and some sculptures too.

What sets your gallery apart in addition to its substantial size? I take risks in introducing art that no other gallery would take on. I also work with artists that don’t have university Art degrees but have the talent and the drive to succeed.

Which artists do you particularly admire and have chosen to incorporate into your own home collection? 
Too many to mention. Most of them are still with me in the gallery and some which I bought prior to opening the gallery.

With an appreciation for a diverse range of contemporary art, how do you choose pieces for yourself - what sets them apart and creates that feeling ‘just have to have it’? 
I love colour, shapes and composition. It has to have just the right balance for me with all these elements and I have to have the emotional response that I can’t walk away from the artwork.

What challenges have you had to overcome as a gallery owner? 
The biggest challenge is to bring more collectors and art buyers to the gallery. Many come to our openings, have a great time, love the art but don’t buy. If art doesn’t sell, it reduces the confidence of the artist in his/her drive to continue to create new work.

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment? 
When a client came into the gallery and bought 13 pieces in one go.

Have you ever dabbled in art yourself? 
No, but my ex husband was an artist so I watched him work a lot.

What are your top creative resources? 
Frieze Magazine, Art Collector, 12 Million dollar Shark.

What's next? 
Sell more art and create art programs to attract the attention to this gallery as well as to the artists we represent.

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read - Magazines.
Watch- Watch Real Housewives of.... (all of them).
Cook- Curry or anything spicy.
Create- Calmness in my life.
Listen to- Buddha Bar music.
Dream about- More traveling.
Look forward to- more traveling.