Friday, 22 February 2013

nurturing natives.

When we bought our house there wasn't a plant on the block, so over past few years I've been cultivating and establishing gardens filled with natives. I am not great with plant names, yet in effort to seek out the plants I love, I've learn't a few varieties and thought I better catalogue them in case I forget. I took the photos below in my garden and along the coastline.

With a love of natives it was with great delight I had the opportunity to visit and write about one of the most incredible gardens I've had the pleasure of visiting. The owner Paula has a passion for landscape design and has completely transformed her acre block into a sea of beautiful greenery and texture dotted with sculptures. You can read about it in the current March edition of Home Beautiful, but I will post a sneak peak of it net week. Happy Gardening!

coastal rosemary +  isolipsis nodosa

big leaf and small leaf banksia - I lost the tags!

baeckea mount tozer + banksia serrata

ozothamnus radiance + lomandra blue ridge

two I want! scholtzia + an unknown
I took the photo on the left in the Barrenjoey National Park in NSW and I would love to know what it is because I love it and want to add it to my garden. If anyone knows its name please let me know.