Thursday, 24 January 2013

made by joel.

Joel Henriques is one very talented guy. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon his unique creative nous, many moons ago when someone I interviewed mentioned his website Made by Joel as a source of inspiration. And it is! Once you've spent a few hours (you'll need to set aside some time) to browse through his website you'll never look at a scrap of timber, paddle pop stick, cornflakes box or pipe cleaner in the same way again.

Artist, designer and all round crafty genius, Joel creates handmade objects and DIY projects for children. However whether your 6, 36, or 66, his creations will inspire you to whip out some cardboard, glue, wire, fabric scraps - basically anything you have lying around and make something fun.

With a clear passion for design, one of his most impressive creations is a stylish take on a 'doll's house.' Forget the Barbie bungalow, Joel's mini masterpiece is a nod to modernism complete with designer inspired furniture, lovely fabric, botanical bits and pieces and beautiful wood. Sadly a little too small to move into, but wonderful to play around with.

Joel's book Made to Play, which features 35 projects has been out for a while, but it is still in stock and you can get it here. I think I might just get it and create my own teeny tiny dream home.