Wednesday, 5 December 2012

they're back.

I have loved Zaishu stools ever since I first spotted them way back in 2004. Simple slot together creations made from plantation timber, it seemed no two were the same, as Zaishu collaborated with a range of artists and fellow designers such as Julie Patterson from Cloth, David Bromley, Nicola Cerini and Kat McLeod. Although I loved them, I never nabbed one and always wished I had, particularly as it seemed Zaishu had vanished into obscurity. However, the good news is they're back and lucky Melbournites can checkout the new launch range at The Big Design Market this weekend. I wish I was going!

I had this picture from the Zaishu brochure above my desk for years. I'd glance at it longingly and covet the wire old wire chair too.

For the creators of Zaishu their product is much more than a sustainable clip together seat/table. It bridges the gap between art and design, and is integral to numerous large social projects and exhibitions where it is utilised as an expressive canvas for artisans and creative individuals world wide.

Thanks for coming back Zaishu, you've been missed.