Tuesday, 27 November 2012

christmas windows.

What do you do with 900 shuttlecocks....make a Christmas garland of course!

The very talented Leesa Gordon who I profiled back here, couldn't resist the temptation of 900 shuttlecocks on ebay and as she doesn't play badminton, decided the next best thing was to use them to create a wonderful garland for her store Lamington. Nestled at the end of Hastings St in Noosa it's one of my favourite stores as Leesa always seems to whip up incredible displays for the window which draw you in. Sneaky...and inspired.

There is also a tree made from vintage books and what appears to be pipe cleaner trees. Love love LOVE IT.

Another window which caught my fancy this week is Flax Flower's display. Florist extraordinaire Amanda Court is ever-inventive and her take on the Christmas wreath is no exception. Made from re-purposed spray painted dirt bike wheels, orchids, bull rush reeds and proteas, it is simply stunning!

Dirt bike wheels have never looked so good!