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Fliss Dodd is one of those people who has the midas touch when it comes to creating - anything. From children's softies and clothing to stunning photos, striking interiors and pottery, her artistic flair and unique aesthetic is ever-present and without sounding too smitten, I love everything Fliss does! Initially starting out making handmade friends for her label Udder, most recently Fliss has expanded the Udder range to include children's wear. Relocating to Bali for a year to design the range and find a team of craftspeople to weave their magic, the result is the Make Believe SS12/13 collection.
The beautiful look book features several of her own children and was shot by Fliss in Bali - an incredibly talented and modest designer, artist, stylist and photographer, I can't wait to see what she does next! View the collection here and catch Fliss at the Bowerbird Bazaar Market in Adelaide on November 9-11 and the Big Design Market on December 7-9 in Melbourne.

How would you describe yourself?
Determined. Frank. Creative. Loving. Happy.

What was your childhood dream?
To be an artist like Picasso. Crazy but true!

What led you down your current path?
I studied Ceramics at ANU school of Art then afterwards I travelled for 3 years. When I returned home I wanted to make pots and sculptural pieces but after the birth of my first child I turned to creating with fabric, not clay. I was horrified at the plastic toys lining the shelves in shops so I made my first doll for my son and then more dolls and children followed. Udder went from being stamped on the bottom of pots to being sewn into seams.

udder bandit penguin

What do you love most about what you do?
Working from home with my husband, having my children comment and give ideas, and being able to work with an amazing group of makers in Bali who I respect for their skills and kindness.

How and why did you make the leap from softies to children's wear and pieces for the home?
I have always had ideas for a children's clothing range and always had itchy feet to live in Asia for a period of time. So when the right time came we packed up and moved to Bali and with the help of my husband we created our first range of children's clothing. It has been an idea to expand the range, for a while now and the move to Bali enabled us to work out the way we wanted to create...ethically and through a small production house. We got to know the makers and have been able produce beautiful high quality pieces.

raindrops from the udder accessories range

What inspired the designs for the collection?
The 'Make believe' collection was inspired by children's amazing way of turning ideas into play and role playing. We had little amount of toys there so the kids were very creative in play with what they found. There was a lot of drawing happening and ideas followed.
The colour choices were inspired by our surrounding, the green rice fields we looked out on, the yellow from the ladies clothing that would pass you on the motorbike and the blues and charcoals from the ocean and beach sands.

Practicality and simplicity was what we wanted to combine together for a collection which could be worn easily in play mode or more formal mode and be 'just a little bit different'.

What challenges have you had to overcome?
Many! A language barrier (we learn't Bahasa pretty quickly). Visas. Trying to juggle work and family. Importing...

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
The last year.

What are your top creative resources ?
Books: Magazines.
Blogs: too many to list.
Music: Cat power (at the moment)
And my kids ideas and antics!

Who do you admire and is a source of inspiration?

I admire my husband for his amazing support and calmness...if I freak out about something he always brings me back down. A source of inspiration is all those creative mum's out there with their own business's small or large...juggling family and business.

What is your idea of happiness?
Travelling with my family and seeing how much our eyes open to new experiences and cultures. I look forward to more adventures with them.

What's next? 

SS13 collection and the dream of one day introducing ceramics to our collection.

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:

Read –  Habitus.
Watch - A DVD...not TV.
Cook - Anything Asian.
Create - Sand castles on the beach with my kids.
Listen to – The birds in the morning.
Dream about - Our next family adventure.
Look forward to – Going to the beach.