Thursday, 18 October 2012

profile feather & buzz - anna chandler.

Holly Clarke & Anna Chandler of Feather & Buzz

Holly Clarke and Anna Chandler have managed to achieve what many of us would love to do - turn their hobby into a business. Teaming up last year the pair merged their aesthetic sensibilities to form a distinctive collection of pieces for their homewares, accessories and textile label Feather & Buzz. While Holly leans towards Scandinavian designs, Anna’s love of vintage and skilled crafts draws her to eclectic items which have a global feel. The result is a mix of one-off hand crafted covetable items ranging from cushions and stationery to jewellery and children's toys, bursting with colour, intricate prints and hand woven detail. An inspiring partnership based around friendship, travel, homewares and accessories - what could be better! Checkout their entire range here. I particularly love the blue scales cushion, another one for the Christmas list I think.

 Q & A WITH ANNA                   

How would you describe yourself?
Tall, zealous, mum, impatient, hungry.

What was your childhood dream?
To cook / eat for a living.

What led you down your current path?
When I lived abroad I was fortunate enough to be able to travel loads,not just weekenders to somewhere in Europe but extended holidays in places like Africa, Morocco, Czech Republic, Turkey – and in these places the things I always gravitated towards were where there were local people making their extraordinary things.  So over the years living overseas I sent many a box home when my small flat in London was bursting at the seams and everyone that saw the things I was bringing home seemed to love them. So after being back for a year or so (and missing the travel immensely) my dear friend Holly (now business partner) and I hatched this little idea over a few wines one night.

feather & buzz necklaces

What do you love most about what you do?
While now with two children the travel is harder than I ever thought it would be, the travelling is still one of my most favourite parts.  The sourcing is hard work and can be really frustrating at times but finding something amazing, and meeting a beautiful character makes it all worth while

Where do feel most inspired?
Having only just returned from India, I have to say India – everyone says it’s a love or hate destination…for me it’s most definitely the former. It’s colour and optimism are very addictive.
feather & buzz cushions

Who do you admire?
My sister – she is a modern day revolutionary.

What challenges have you had to overcome?
Balancing taking a hobby to a business, lack of sleep and balancing every previous time with my two very young children.

What are your top creative resources?
Travel – anywhere, meeting new people and learning new things has to be my top resource!

What is your idea of happiness?
I think I am most happy with my husband by my side and we are hosting a table full of great friends at our house (I am a COMPLETE homebody), great food and great wine.
What's next?
At the moment I’m waiting on some lovely new things to arrive from South America where Holly is currently travelling and sourcing.  Following that we have someone now working with us in Africa who is a long term resident there that I met on my travels many years ago so we’re very excited about the things in progress. I’m also working on some pop up venues pre-Christmas.

pining for summer napkin sets

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read – The backlog of magazines from my subscriptions and whatever we are reading at book club that month (at the moment Five Bells by Gail Jones).
Watch - The cooking channel or whatever sport game my husband is controlling via the remote control!
Cook- A lot, I really love cooking and the weekend usually involves something I can spend a bit more time on,usually from the latest Delicious magazine or Maggie Beer cookbook.
Create- Something in my garden, I pull a few weeds, check my veges, cut a few flowers for the house.
Listen to – If I’m completely honest it most likely will be the Playschool Greatest Hits, we generally get no say on the music choice in this house.
Dream about - Sleeping in past 4.50am (the preferred time my toddler likes his day to start).
Look forward to-Taking a drive with my husband and children, now that the weather has well and truly warmed up, as we did today – we head for the beach.