Thursday, 4 October 2012

my flock.

the line-up

As promised I've rustled one of my collections - my birds. I didn't ever set out to collect birds, but years ago (before birds and more specifically owls adorned every second tea towel, greeting card, cushion, picture frame ...)I took a liking to lots of feathery creatures and my flock has expanded. They are usually spread all over the house but in gathering them together for a photo I realised many of them have been birthday or Christmas presents from one of my sisters. Thanks Jennie! (I may have dropped several hints over the years). I love them all but if I to pick a favourite... it would probably have to be skinny legs on the left as he is made from beautiful vintage fabric. The two little guys in the front are international birds. I got the fabric owl at a market in Thailand and the one sitting on a log and also on the chair below flew in via my friend Tiff from Japan. I seem to have amassed quite a lot of bird fabric too, but that is another collection altogether.

i had to get a tiny chair for my tiny owl