Tuesday, 2 October 2012

curious collections.


At one stage or another I think most of us collected stamps and coins as a kid. Yet as we get older our collections start to become a little more obscure and a lot more interesting. For all the collectors out there, as part of Queensland Museum’s 150th birthday celebrations, curators are inviting Queenslanders to share a portrait of themselves and their collections. You can view some of the weird and wonderful collections here. There is Poppy who loves donkeys, Susan who loves a good crochet cacti and John and Gail who collect thousands of aluminium can tabs. You can find out the significance of the tabs here. My favourite though is Pip's butter wrapper collection. She shares the inspiration behind her hoarded wrappers and it's a lovely heartfelt story. And that is the true value of any collection, the story at the heart of it all.