Friday, 19 October 2012

almost a fortuitous find.

Aimlessly scrolling through the Ikea website I could not believe my eyes when I discovered a Tvilling poster set with two Inaluxe prints. An Ikea roadtrip ensued, but it seems I wasn't the only one keen to get my hands on them. Much to my despair they were all gone. If you love Inaluxe like I do, I hope you have better luck at your Ikea.

inaluxe at ikea

Not wanting to leave empty handed I decided I needed a consolation buy and settled on a PS table. Yet at aisle 17 location 32 the shelf was bare. There is nothing quite like the frustration of standing in front of the giant wall of shelving at Ikea looking at a vacant gap wishing it had the piece (or consolation item) you had driven 200+km for. I got a pot plant instead.


On the up side I did discover the Foto pendant lamp. After I've done some measuring, I may just be back. Fingers crossed they're in stock.