Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today kikki.K launches its new ‘Happy’ collection which features geometric patterns and a fresh new season colour palette  - I love a bit of pink and yellow together. For stationery devotees beautiful paper, notebooks, and desk top embellishments is enough to inspire a burst of happiness, yet Kikki-K is hoping to inspire people to embrace more moments of happiness with their 14 Days Of Happiness Project. The aim is to remind yourself of all the things big and small which make you happy and spread the joy around. You can follow their collective snippets of daily happiness here. I also thought I would reflect on some of the things which I get a kick out of. While family + friends + pets provide the most joy, I thought I would muster up a few more simple things which for whatever reason, put a little spring in my step.

write a letter to someone full of warm fuzzies

superb organisation makes me very happy
I do love a list!