Monday, 10 September 2012

happiness is - green grass.

As mentioned, I've been inspired by the 14 Days of Happiness Project to compile my own little list of things which while small bring a little joy into the everyday. As strange as it seems my latest joy is watching grass grow. Not just any grass though, specifically the fine blades of grass which, thanks to a lot of TLC, have been sprouting in my backyard.

surprisingly it grows faster than paint dries
I never thought I would advocate the joys of watching grass grow, but after acquiring my own modest backyard I have realised just how nice it is to have some lawn and how challenging it can be to maintain. I aspire to golf course like perfection, however sadly our poor backyard has been decimated by lawn grabs, invaded by weeds, accidentally poisoned by weed killer and flooded - all of which has contributed to a rather patchy, weedy, hybrid of mix of half dead species sprinkled with bindis! But thanks to hours of intensive weeding, three cubic metres of 'premium topsoil', dynamic lifter, four boxes of grass seeds and diligent watering, it is getting better by the day. And it is a joy to watch! 

my high achievers!