Friday, 10 August 2012

simple pleasures.

A trip down memory lane-
As a kid each winter holiday we would spend two weeks at the beach - why winter and not summer? Winter was when our friends beach house was available. Feeling a bit nostalgic (and chilly) I thought I would go back there and visit a few old haunts. While some things have changed, it turns out many things haven't, which made for a lovely weekend spent reminiscing. 
This house just across from the beach always grabbed my attention every time I went passed it as a kid. As far as I know it has remained EXACTLY the same for at least 30 years. It boasts an immaculate lawn and much to my fascination not a single plant. This was always amazing to me as I come from a family of very keen gardeners who love their plants. If you peer very closely you'll spy a pair of wire chairs - perhaps this is where my obsession began. 
Another original fibro beach house. I've always loved the daggy names given to beach houses. Driftwood, sea breeze, wind swept, this one is 'ripple waters'.                             
This was a favourite fish and chip spot. We also did a lot of sitting in the car by the beach watching the breakers come in. Inevitably a car would pull up next to us full of people eating of fish and chips, which led to lots of hungry stares from our car followed by not so subtle suggestions from us kids that we should 'go get fish and chips.' 
This was a very familiar sight, fisherman waiting and watching for a potential catch out at sea. Sometimes we'd buy the fish straight from their nets.
There was also a constant procession of container ships on the horizon. 
It is nice to take a stroll down memory lane, particularly when some things are still just as you remember them.