Tuesday, 28 August 2012

i do wedding tea towels part two - kate bordessa.

more tea towels from the i do wedding tea towels range

  Q & A with  Kate Bordessa of i do wedding teatowels, wallallure and my wooden heart.

How would you describe yourself?
Determined, awkward, funny, considerate and brave.

What was your childhood dream?
To be the exact opposite of what my parents wanted me to become.

What led you done your current path?
Exciting times, holidays and yo-yo dieting.

What do you love most about what you do?
Drinking a perfect coffee while working. 
tea towels from kate's my wooden heart label
When do you feel most inspired?
When I'm happy :)

Who do you admire?
People who manage to do more than I do! 

What challenges have you had to overcome?
Everyday is a challenge one way or another.... The only way past them is usually through them. 

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
The very first time I sold something that I had made with my hands... other than food!! It was a painting of leaves for $50!

What is your idea of happiness?
When my little boy all of two and a half touches my face with his filthy pudgy little hands and tells me he loves me! 

What’s next?
World domination baa haa haa!

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read - the daily what (tumblr)
Watch - my weight.
Cook - every single night!!
Create - everyday.
Listen to - Silence whenever I can.
Dream About - Going to America.
Look Forward To - waking up in the morning!!