Tuesday, 31 July 2012

maison gray photography.

I love google, it puts an end to those frustrating times where a name is on the tip of your lips and but you just can't think what it is, and it makes tracking down something you've seen and liked a whole lot easier.
I'd seen these incredible aerial beach photos featured in various interior magazines a while ago and started to go digging through a rather large pile, but got through about five magazines and realised I should just cut to the chase and google them. I discovered these incredible shots are the work of Californian based photographer Maison Gray
bondi beach swimmers maison gray
bondi beach maison gray
bondi beach swimmers maison gray
st tropez maison gray 
tiki maison gray
Shooting from a helicopter Maison has captured aerial beach scenes in Australia, Europe, America and Brazil for his 'A la Plage, A la Piscine'series. For Maison the photos are "a visual celebration of colour, light, shape," and above all, "summer bliss." You can buy Maison's birds eye perspective of the beach here. Very different to the standard landscape beach shots, the photos create a new appreciation for colourful umbrellas and symmetry. 
carribean maison gray
coogee beach maison gray
miami blue and red chairs maison gray
miami blue and yellow chairs maison gray
sagaponack main beach maison gray
st tropez secret beach maison gray