Monday, 4 June 2012

weekend project.

The inspiration, ferm LIVING


When it's winter, I take great delight searching for summer around the globe. Discovering the beautiful 2012 spring summer collection  from Danish company Ferm LIVING definitely added a little sunshine to an otherwise wet and cold weekend. Inspired to create my own little Scandinavian masterpiece, I decided to spend a few hours indoors crafting wall art. 

First - A quick trip to the hardware store to 'browse' the paint section to pick up a few colour cards. 

Next - A few hours in front of the TV cutting them up into dozens of suitably sized triangles.

Finally - with a steady hand and quite a bit of double sided tape, I aligned them on card and set them into a pair frames I already had. 
I was quite impressed with the end result. However, it hasn't lessened my desire for a few pieces from Ferm's range.

my ferm LIVING inspired wall art



I think these spear cushions would set off my framed wall art nicely. I'll add them to the wish list.