Monday, 25 June 2012

fortuitous find.

charles and ray eames house of cards picture stylepark

Found at 3am this morning! I have loved these cards ever since I first spied them in an interior photo years ago. Since then I've seen them pop up in various places and magazines, but never with a caption. Despite many attempts to google the cards I couldn't track them down...until this morning. Unable to sleep I was indulging in some online homelife reading and there they were, filed in a gallery on Charles and Ray Eames -how did I not know this until now! Anyway, thanks to my early morning start I am now an expert on the house of cards created in 1952. As it is their 60th anniversary I think I might just have to get myself a deck  here.

Originally a pack of two a picture deck and pattern deck, my favourite are the pattern cards images two wheels plus
Influenced by print pattern and the everyday, Charles and Ray believed, "we have only to look at our immediate surroundings and the things we use and love for a deep and lasting appreciation of art in its truest form."