Friday, 1 June 2012

brrrrr it's cold.

Pinch and a punch for the first day of June and the first day of winter. I have to admit it's my least favourite season as I hate the cold, yet rather than dwell on a drop in temperature I thought I'd kick start the month on a positive note and list a few reasons to embrace the season.

inspiration via apartment therapy

inspiration via apartment therapy

inspiration via design sponge

5 reasons to love winter 

(or a least loathe it a little less)

 1. Layering - when it's cold your bed can be a true sanctuary from the elements, particularly when it's dressed with layer upon layer of warmth. Think flannel sheets, a fluffy feather doona, loads of woolen throws and copious cushions (I don't think these make it any warmer per se, but they're create a snug feel).

 2. Slow growing - unlike summer when grass grows before your eyes, in winter the hum of mowers is far less frequent as the desire for manicured perfection switches from a full-time occupation/obsession, to more of a recreational activity.

 3. Comfort food - with a little preparation and a nifty slow cooker you can come home to beef bourguignon, piping hot and ready to serve. I made this during the week and it was delicious.

 4. Hot drinks - there is no need to make excuses or feel guilty for drinking endless cups of coffee, hot chocolate and herbal tea...more on this later.

 5. Crystal clear days - while it's not tempting to take a dip when the temperature dips, the sea definitely looks its glassy best during winter.

Enjoy snuggling and rug up xx