Thursday, 28 June 2012

caravan love.

There is something about little caravans which is undeniably cute, and it seems vintage vans are enjoying a resurgence, with many owners injecting lots of TLC to give them a new lease of life. These little travellers evoke the sense of freedom which comes with hitting the road, although I think there's a few which may only suited the most free-spirited adventurer who is happy to forgo privacy. My favourite is the knitted one, which is rugged up and ready to roll. Perfect for winter!

lost in the woods photo by sharyn cairns via country style
decor maison the oas (oasis) collection of wallpaper
scandinavian wallpaper decor
decor maison the oas (oasis) collection of wallpaper
scandinavian wallpaper decor
decor maison the oas (oasis) collection of wallpaper
scandinavian wallpaper decor
woodland sleeper via sunset magazine
frankie the caravan via kara rosenlund
beautifully scalloped caravan via honeybee in the city
knitted caravan via bleubird

Monday, 25 June 2012

fortuitous find.

charles and ray eames house of cards picture stylepark

Found at 3am this morning! I have loved these cards ever since I first spied them in an interior photo years ago. Since then I've seen them pop up in various places and magazines, but never with a caption. Despite many attempts to google the cards I couldn't track them down...until this morning. Unable to sleep I was indulging in some online homelife reading and there they were, filed in a gallery on Charles and Ray Eames -how did I not know this until now! Anyway, thanks to my early morning start I am now an expert on the house of cards created in 1952. As it is their 60th anniversary I think I might just have to get myself a deck  here.

Originally a pack of two a picture deck and pattern deck, my favourite are the pattern cards images two wheels plus
Influenced by print pattern and the everyday, Charles and Ray believed, "we have only to look at our immediate surroundings and the things we use and love for a deep and lasting appreciation of art in its truest form."

Friday, 22 June 2012

profile loz abberton - who did that.

loz abberton of who did that
cotton grandelier
bloom grandelier
hoop grandelier
lace grandelier
seed grandelier
bloom grandelier
genie grandelier
hoop grandelier
Several years ago designer Loz Abberton left sunny Queensland for frosty Tasmania and it seems the cooler climate agrees with her, as she was inspired to create grandeliers for her design label who did that. "An efficient take on chandeliers" Loz's designs are inspired by the land and modernist styling. Made from locally sourced veneers from accredited and sustainably grown timber the flat packed designs allow you to assemble them at home and feel like a construction genius. A little bit grand, there's no doubt these striking pendants will give you a warm glow. 
How would you describe yourself?

What was your childhood dream?
Until 9, a palomino pony! Since then it depends on how long I can claim thechildhoodcategory.

What led you down your current path?
Childhood. I wanted a product that meant something to me...that related to my personal and physical landscapes. So, basically, the Grandeliers emerged from childhood memories of honeycomb paper decorations that magically flat-packed when festivities were done. I was enthralled with that ease. And I liked my history of a rural upbringing where the environment was vital and essential to our success; an ingrained social conscience that carries through in my work today.

Where do you seek inspiration?
Online; anywhere Scandi. It’s my heritage… lame, I know to plop for one region but they do economical style very well. There’s so much visual enchantment online that it’s hard to list where I go. Extracting the essence of a culture (like a national uniform) inspires as do the more indy designers. Offline; friends inspire me. The coast calms me. Then design ideas unfold.

Who do you admire?
Since theres little time for a list Ill opt for a person within the design realmNew Zealand lighting and furniture designer David Trubridge for his environmental integrity. Keeping his work close to his heart, his beautiful productsand, naturally, for his flat-packedness!

What challenges have you had to overcome?
I love light. Sunlight, moonlight, firelight, streetlight…and the transformative shadows created. Light draws people…must be our primordial ‘genes’. Growing the Grandeliers brand is fun, frustrating, fun…isn’t that love? Guess not so many challenges, more discoveries. The earth is round and to send my Grandeliers anyway but flat-pack would make them untenable. Sourcing quality Tasmanian eco-accredited materials was initially frustrating. We all know about our forests. Lastly, I just read that growing a brand is a marathon not a sprint. I love that, too.

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
During my first event, design made trade in Melbourne (trade + public expo July 2010) where four styles officially debuted and I engaged my first stockists. It instantly became fun, after those 'bridal' jitters of launching myself into the public domain…when I picked up a magazine that included the Grandeliers and, importantly, when the orders started rolling. Yep, it is nice to be pinched.

What are your top creative resources?
landscape, friends, internetlike to say red winebut blogs seem to have replaced it.

What dream do you still want to fulfil?
To create more time! Finding more minutes each day is a personal dream (sometimes nightmare) that capers around my studio work for Who DidThat. It also teases me now that I'm squeezing public art commissions plus a collaboration for a 2013 exhibition into my schedule. Later this year I’m taking the Grandeliers new range to an overseas trade show. Did I say 'new range'? So, yep, I’m dreaming of more time in the day. Oh, and world peace! Pass the tiara.

What's next?
Next month - two local shows. Next 6 months - two national trade shows.

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read – Maps and road signs…it’s a journey.
Watch – Where I walk or hike.
Cook - As little as possible.
Create – Nothing from something. or vice versa.
Listen to - Strings. From the thrashing to the sublime.
Dream about - Sweet things in life.
Look forward to - Realising those dreams.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

love - typography.

Letters in all their configurations have been used in abundance in interiors, but I still love them. While I am not partial to the carved love, life, laugh variety, the typography prints, signage and art below are all great examples of why you should see writing on the wall... 

random flickr discovery

inspiration from comfy heaven

wall ideas from curbly

Australia Type Map Bold & Noble

mr percival wallpaper scandinavian wallpaper decor

you anchor me print blacklist studio prints

new tramscroll sign pennyfarthing design house

new joy neon sign pennyfarthing design house

custom lettering sideshow sign co.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

in good company.

Thanks to Jo and Kim at Desire to Inspire for the shout out. It is always great to discover new blogs to read,if only I had the time to peruse them all day long.