Tuesday, 17 April 2012

profile georgina hobson - perpetual one.

Georgina Hobson photo by by Taryn Newland

Vintage Caravan Magazine
There are people who have innate style, talent and infectious passion and Georgina is one of them. I first met Georgina when I was sent by Country Style to write a story about her life in the Country and Sunny, her vintage Sunliner caravan which she took to the markets to sell handcrafted and beautifully restored wares. Since then Georgina and her beloved caravan have appeared in Peppermint Magazine and most recently Vintage Caravan Magazine.
Enamoured by design which is simple, unique and timeless, Georgina's passion for vintage pieces reflects the ethos behind Perpetual One - a small retail business in which she brings pieces from a bygone era back to life. A handcrafted labour of love, Georgina's blog provides an inspiring insight into her daily joys and her creative spirit. Check it out here

How would you describe yourself?
Loyal. Trusting. Task-oriented. Sentimental. Blessed. 
What was your childhood dream?
When I was young, I wanted to be vet. I love animals and caring for them seemed the perfect fit. When I did work experience at a Veterinary Surgery in Year 9, I realised I was too sensitive to make it a career! Seeing the animals hurting and sometimes cruelly treated by their owners was upsetting.
After school I completed a Health Science Degree and worked in Health Promotion. In the back of my mind though, I started dreaming about having my own small shop. I was particularly interested in it being a vintage/old wares shop that was unique and stylish.

What led you down your current path?
When I became a mum and took maternity leave from work, I began researching my dream and how it could work. As a mum of young children I wanted to start slowly and not over-commit. I began by completing a couple of TAFE courses to develop my business knowledge.
Then in 2008 I started doing the markets on a casual basis to gain experience and test the market. I registered as a second-hand dealer, but kept the business part-time appearing at markets twice a month. Using my 1960’s vintage caravan as my ‘shop front’ created amazing word-of-mouth and I have learnt so much in the last two years of trading. Most recently, I have stepped back from the markets and focused on selling a selection of hand-made and hand-restored pieces on-line.

What do you love most about what you do?
Restoring old blankets and linens by hand is something I love. It can be time-consuming but is very satisfying work. Applying hand stitches to darn something that was discarded and thereby extend it’s working life.
I also love the freedom and flexibility of working for myself and seeing my ideas become a reality.

Where do you seek inspiration?
My favourite and sometimes necessary inspiration is to get outdoors. I often go outside and sit where I have the perspective of nature and the bigger world when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed with my work. Fresh air and sunshine work wonders!

Who do you admire?
I have great admiration for all start-up ventures and small business owners. The required mix of courage, hard work and persistence to follow a dream and make it real is something that deserves a lot of respect. I have only a little taste of the challenges of balancing a dream with financial viability – so when I see people working hard to make their business their sole income I am keen to support them.   

What challenges have you had to overcome? 
One of the biggest challenges is that YOU are the business. Everything that needs doing or researching is up to you. There is a huge amount of learning and background work that is necessary aside from the creative process (which is the bit that you want to do!). Sometimes there is a danger of trying to do too much. At times it’s hard to step back and wait.
Having said that – it is also very rewarding to realise how much you can achieve with determination. 
What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
In June last year, my sister and I collaborated on a pop-up shop called ‘Two Golden Hours’. We were so thrilled with the support and success of the event and when I look back at photos of the event I still get a buzz from the atmosphere we created.

What are you top online creative resources?
Etsy: aside from being a marketplace, there are a huge amount of resources and interviews with other small-business owners and designers.
Design Files: The amazing talentboth local and international that Lucy Feagins manages to uncover on a daily basis is so impressive!
Rena Tom: Such a great flow of tips and contributions for creative businesses. 
OhHelloFriend: Danni is a very passionate, creative and successful blogger and businesswoman who continues to inspire. 
maeve magazine and est magazine: A couple of recent e-mag discoveries. They are produced in Australian and have some great local content and inspiration.

What dream do you still want to fulfill? 
1. Own a boutique vintage/old wares shop.
2. Publish a book
What's next? 
I am currently pursuing a long-held idea of self-publishing a book. I am working hard to polish the manuscript and collate design/printing ideas with a view to release it later this year. It is a project that gets me out of bed in the morning so you will hear more about it soon as the plans become clearer! I am very excited about it. 

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:
Read– newspapers(SMH/The Age) or non-fiction books 
Watch-‘parenthood’ series
Bake- fresh loaves of bread 
Create- gardening
Listen to- ‘nearer’ by Anna Weatherup
Dream about- visiting France with my family
Look forward to- trips to little cove beach