Sunday, 1 April 2012

get crafty.

Another DIY project or eighty-two

(images courtesy Murdoch Books)

I spent the weekend reading 82: Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home by Karen McCartney. Unwittingly I filled it with post-it notes, so I can easily reference the projects I'd like to try, turns out there's 79.
Compiled by one of my favourite magazines Inside Out, it is not surprising there were plenty of ideas which took my fancy. My favourite is the heart string art (pictured above) created by 'the queen of Australian craft', Tamara Maynes. 
The projects range in skill from:
               1:Couldn't be easier
               2:Requires basic ability with tools 
               3:For the occasional home project person
               4:For the experienced hand
Although the string art is rated level 3, after reading the instructions several times...I am worried it's actually far more complex than it looks. I am definitely 'the occasional home project person' however, I think a spider would be far more qualified. Sadly I am lacking in patience when it comes to untangling knots. I'll let you know how I go.