Thursday, 26 April 2012


First it was caravans

Then is was the campervan

Now sheds have suddenly become a whole lot cooler

It seems Jane Field is one cool lady. First came caravans, then campervans and in her latest book, sheds are thrust into the realm of 'cool'. I love a good fossick through a shed, and Jane's latest book takes a peek inside the humble and not so humble shed, from artists’ studios to beach huts, and the diverse ways in which owners are styling them. With a distinctly American and European focus, My Cool Shed also includes small cabins, garden rooms, beach huts, modern architectural mini masterpieces and other small spaces. Due for release on May 16th you can pre-oder a copy here.
For an Aussie take on the humble shed/shack another one for the bookshelf is Simon Griffith's Shack.

From cow sheds and tree houses to barns and beach shacks, this book really does showcase, it is the simple things which are often the most alluring.