Wednesday, 28 March 2012

weekend project.

Speaking of grey, over the weekend I dabbled in a little painting. Rather than an entire wall I decided to tackle a smaller project, revamping a $15 op-shop find. Originally bright pink and green and covered in a lot of built up grime, the first step was to thoroughly clean the shelf before pulling out my trusty mouse and giving the entire piece a light sand. 


Then it was time to splash on the grey paint, I chose Taubmans' Invincible in semi-gloss. As I was going darker I didn't bother about an undercoat in white, instead I just painted two grey coats. I must admit I was a little tempted to keep the pink, but my overzealous brush strokes took over and within minutes every square cm was painted.

Although the paint went on incredibly quickly and I didn't have to wait long to apply the second coat, what did require patience was stocking the shelves. As the paint can remain tacky for days if not weeks, it is a good idea to let it sit as long as possible before loading it with books. I could only wait three days, but it's perhaps better to hold off even longer to ensure when you pull a book out of the shelf down the track, you don't peel off a thin layer of paint in the process.

I was quite happy with the result and I even managed to find two more op-shop bargains for the top shelf. Both the taupe vases were $3 each.